Latin American market: an interesting place to make an industrial business grow

During the last few years, Latin America has shown some significant changes regarding economic policies aimed at promoting foreign investment, showing a strong tendency towards economic growth based on trade opening.

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5 Tips to conquer with your B2B content marketing strategies

Content marketing has proven to be an efficient tactic for B2B businesses to achieve objectives, so much so that according to the study “B2B Content Marketing 2017 - Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends - North America” performed by the Content Marketing Institute, 89% of B2B companies carry out B2B...

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5 B2B marketing trends for 2017

We are approaching the end of 2016, a year full of new knowledge and attained targets, let’s celebrate! On the other hand, marketing being our passion, looking ahead is more than necessary, which is why we invite you to discover the 5 B2B marketing trends that must be taken into account as of...

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Which is the best media to grow a packaging business in Latin America?

Latin American mass consumption has settled into an interesting growth in the packaging and packing industry, making this a key point in the production chain of all types of products. Consumers not only look for eye-catching and impressive packaging, for them, the technology implemented in the...

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¡Know the best email marketing practices ever, here!

Email marketing is a classic and will continue to be a current and important tool to communicate, sell and foster customer loyalty, for a long time.

Now, for a contact to open one of our mails, great care and attention must be dedicated to each of the stages of management, creation and sending...

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